Hi I'm Kate and this is my Art Studio
Hi I’m Kate,
Welcome to my Art Studio

I would like to share my art with you.

The love of drawing started when I was very young, I was encouraged by my parents and teachers to always be creative. My first piece that I completed as a young teenager was Ringo Starr in pastels. I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. Most of my early work was damaged as they were stored in our basement.

You will find some pieces are for sale and some are available for prints only. But much of my work is just for my growth and enjoyment. If you come to my home, much of it is hanging up around me. I will get around to posting some photos of my home and studio. It really is beautiful and a wonderful energy for me to create in.

My work is growing in different directions every day, just like me.

I started with pencil, then moved to pastels. When I started painting I tried acrylics then Oil, Inspired by William Alexander, then Bob Ross on our local PBS station. Every Saturday morning I spent just watching with amazement what could be accomplished. I didn’t try oil paint until I was in my 40’s. My first Bob Ross inspired painting was “Relax“. Then I was hooked.

Right before Covid-19 I started experimenting with watercolor as I was worried about the environment and using so much turpentine and how to dispose of it properly. Well, I fell in love with watercolor. Most of my work today is in this medium. I am still learning and experimenting, like I bought paper and accidentally it was “Black”. Now I was pretty upset with myself as watercolor paper is expensive, and watercolor is very transparent, but I thought as long as I have it, let’s have a go. And the results were amazing. As Bob Ross always said, “They are just Happy Accidents.” The last photo in this slide show is my first watercolor on black 100% cotton paper.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do.